Engine 49-2 Nearing Completion
By East Brandywine Fire Company
December 8, 2018

This past week Engine 49-2 inched closer to being placed into service. On Friday December 7th, the Engine returned from Glick after having equipment mounted.

As you may be aware in late November we posted an article describing the process which needs to be undertaken prior to placing a new apparatus into service. Some parts of the process include; radio mounting, lettering, equipment mounting and factory training.

Fire Chief Vince D'Amico said "we are nearing the completion of a two and a half year project in which our talented apparatus committee delivered a truck which is functional and has a ton of fire power. D'Amico also added "the factory training will be completed this week and we are excited for our Community that it will be putting it into service shortly after that".

The Company also took the unusual step of naming the truck in a nod to history of the Station and those members who came before. In 1974 when the Company purchased their first Pierce Engine the members nicknamed the truck "Yellow Bird". This was done because it was the first truck which had been painted lime yellow which a emerging trend in the fire service at the time. The idea was that the color would allow the trucks to be more visible.

The Officers and Members would like to that the Apparatus Committee for their tireless work on making this truck a reality.