Volunteers Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Party
By East Brandywine Fire Company
December 17, 2018

On Sunday evening December 15th East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers celebrated an amazing year with family and friends at our annual Christmas Party. The event was hosted at Brandywine Manor House and organized by FF Ken Ader.

Chief Vince D'Amico opened the evening by thanking the volunteers for their hard work but more importantly thanking the families who are also routinely impacted by their loved ones volunteerism. Additionally the Chief reviewed important accomplishments that were achieved by the team this year.

After dinner the Line Officers distributed gifts to the active crew to acknowledge their on-going dedication and time commitment.

President John Edwards said "events like this are very important to us, we want our volunteers to feel valued and we want their families to recognize we appreciate their sacrifice". Edwards also added "it's important for successful organizations to work hard to continually improve themselves, however it's equally important to take time to celebrate your accomplishments".

The Officers and Members would like to thank the VA Fire Department for providing standby coverage during the party.