2019 Officer Installation and Company Recognition Ceremony
By East Brandywine Fire Company
January 22, 2019

On Wednesday evening January 16th, the East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers held their annual Line Officer Installation and Company Recognition Ceremony, which was hosted by the Applecross Country Club.

Chief Vince D'Amico opened the evening by thanking all those family and friends who were in attendance and reviewed the Companies accomplishments. The Company had an amazing year which culminated in placing a new Engine and Ladder into service to better serve the Community.

One of the evenings highlights was the keynote address by Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel. Commissioner Thiel primarily focused on "taking care of our own", and during his discussion praised the Company for it's dedication and professionalism.

The most anticipated presentation of the evening is always our "Connect to Purpose" speaker. This year our speaker was a gentleman who experienced life threatening injuries following a motorcycle accident. East Brandywine volunteers quick actions are credited with helping save his life.

The audience then had the opportunity to view the 2018 year in review video. This years video was produced by Lt. John Needles and our talented photographer Mark Walsh.

Video Link:

The night concluded with Fire Chief Vince D'Amico introducing the 2019 Fire Officers and Operation Officers.

Fire Division

Chief - Vince D'Amico
Chief Emeritus - Jim Witmer
Deputy Chief - Joe Edwards
Assistant Chief - Joe Monestere
Captain - PJ Groff
Lieutenant - John Needles
Lieutenant - Aidan Raymond
Lieutenant - Sergio Ora
Chief Engineer - Bob Zynn
Assistant Chief Engineer - Kevin Shaffer
Training Officer - Chris Keen
Safety Officer - Bill Rees
Public Information Officer - Ed Skrzat

EMS Division

Medical Director - Dr. Craig Herring
EMS Director - Cathie Rawlings
EMS Captain – Greg Kohlmaier
EMS Lieutenant – Dave Quigley

The Officers and Members would like to thank all those who attended this special evening. Thank-you to Commissioner Thiel for helping make the event memorable and to Lt. Sergio Ora for facilitating the Commissioner's attendance.

Additionally the Officers and Members of East Brandywine would like to thank the West Whiteland Fire Company for providing standby coverage for the evening.