T3 Training: Vehicle Fires
By East Brandywine Fire Company
March 6, 2019

On Wednesday evening March 27th East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers gathered at the firehouse for another training night. Tonight's training focused on vehicle fires and hoseline advancement.

We had a vehicle donated to us that was no longer running and were able to start multiple fires in it for crews to get as much practice as possible. Crews split up and took turns on the nozzle as well as advancing the line to assist the nozzleman.

This is a vital training for us for several reasons. Since we have the new engine not only does it give the firefighters practice on vehicle fires but it also helps them practice with the brand new engine and getting comfortable with it. This also goes for our engineers who get vital practice on the pump panel.

While those members were training on the vehicle fires several other operators had Ladder 49 out practicing on it's operation.