Company Handles 6 Fire/EMS Calls
By East Brandywine Fire Company
April 22, 2019

On Monday April 22nd the East Brandywine Fire Company Volunteers remained busy with 4 fire calls and 2 QRS calls.

At 11:05am the company was dispatched along with Station 48 to Devereux Rd for a brush fire. Initial reports were of a 30x15ft pile of brush on fire which was out of control. While enroute Deputy 49 could see a column of black smoke approx 1 mile away. Upon arrival Deputy 49 confirmed the report and stated the property owners were attempting to extinguish the fire with a backhoe and sand. Crews assisted with extinguishing the fire and cleared a short time later.

The next fire call came in at 1:55pm for the 400 block of Creek Rd. This time it was due to a tree and wires hanging low in the roadway causing a hazard. The company responded and closed the roadway down until the area could be cleared of the hazards.

At 3:40pm the company was dispatched for an accident at 82 & Hibernia Roads. One vehicle was off the roadway and crews provided medical care to an injured party.

Later in the afternoon at 4:32pm Station 49 with several other companies were dispatched to Brookfield Court in East Brandywine Township for a house fire. Chief, Assistant, Deputy 49 along with Engines 49-5 and 49-2 all made the response in less than 2 minutes. Engine 49-1 made the response shortly after. Chief 49 arrived first and reported nothing showing from the exterior. After a quick investigation it was determined there was a smoke condition inside the residence in the basement. Chief 49 took command and advised Engine 49-5 to stretch an 1 3/4 handline to the front door on arrival. Upon their initial search, crews quickly entered the structure through a basement door and were able to rapidly determine and extinguish an active dryer fire. At that time the assignment was held to Station 49 units and crews remained on scene to remove the dryer and ventilate the house.