Collabortive Relationships Prove Invaluable
By East Brandywine Fire Company
August 11, 2017

Our volunteers take pride not only in the high quality emergency service they provide each and every day, but also in the invaluable partnerships which have been forged with our local businesses and residents.

According to Chief John Edwards, "our success as an organization is dependent on the support we garner within the Community". Edwards said "the phenomenal relationships we have with our residents and business owners go beyond the fire ground, we nurture them every day".

One of those important relationships is with the Applecross Country Club and the residents of the Applecross Community. Each year the team at the Country Club hosts an annual golf tournament for the Fire Company and Police Department.

Yesterday General Manager Greg Russel dropped by the Fire House to drop off the check from this years outing. The Fire Company and Police Department each received a $5,000 check from funds raised at the outing.

Additionally the Fire Company will be receiving $500 from funds raised at the Applcross yard sale.

Our volunteers would like to thank the Applecross Community for their on-going support and partnership.

Present to receive the check included Police Lt. Gene Babetski, Chief John Edwards, and QRS Captain Greg Kohlmaier

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