High Quality Emergency Services is Always Our Focus
By East Brandywine Fire Company
March 5, 2018

On Friday March 9th while experiencing a nor'easter East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers responded to numerous calls, to include trees and wires, CO alarms, auto-accidents, and a house fire.

Gale-force winds, downed wires and trees made responses both difficult and dangerous.

During the storm the Company responded to a reported house fire on Keller Way in East Brandywine Township. What made this situation unique was that access to the home was essentially cut off due to downed live electrical wires.

According to Fire Chief Vince D'Amico "we attempted to re-route apparatus only to find more downed power lines". D'Amico then went on to speak about the importance of training. "This is where training is essential! Our personnel adapted to the situation and one team made entry with water cans, where the other team worked on extending hose lines to accommodate for the distance".

The family who experienced the house fire showed their appreciation with a message to all the fire responders who helped them that evening.

D'Amico finally said "this is our focus, to provide high quality emergency service to the Community regardless of conditions".

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