Single Vehicle Accident on Dowlin Forge Road
By East Brandywine Fire Company
January 3, 2019

On Thursday January 3rd, East Brandywine Fire Company Volunteers responded to a motor vehicle accident in the 100blk of Dowlin Forge Rd reported with unknown injuries.

While enroute units were notified that at least one vehicle was involved and there were unknown injuries as the caller only heard the accident and didn't see it. Assistant 49 (Monestere) arrived first and reported a one vehicle blocking. Deputy 49 (Edwards) arrived shortly after and assumed Dowlin Forge Command.

It was determined that the occupant of the vehicle had left the scene. Crews remained on scene to clean up debris on the roadway and contain the fluids leaking from the vehicle while they awaited the tow companies arrival. Dowlin Forge Rd was closed in the area of the incident during this time due to the vehicle being in the middle of the roadway.