Over 40 Members Attend Weekly Training
By East Brandywine Fire Company
May 15, 2019

Every Wednesday night members of the East Brandywine Fire Company gather at the station for our weekly drill. This Wednesday our new Battalion Chief PJ Groff had something special planned for everyone. This week it was decided it would be beneficial to do a drill that would help all the members become a little more familiar with our first due response area.

Crews split up and filled in all the apparatus. Once each truck was full they were given an address in the first due to go to. Each truck would then need to drive to that location and learn as much as they could from that location as quickly as possible. Crews were looking for hydrant locations, building size, areas for trucks to placed in case of an incident, obstacles and anything else that would be helpful in case of an incident. Crews also practiced giving a first in report of what they saw immediately upon arriving on scene something that is critical during an incident for other responding units to have an idea of what is going on.

After each truck cleared their locations they were given another location to go to. Each truck got several different locations. Once all done crews returned to station to report their findings to everyone else.

This drill was a huge success and it brought over 40 members to the station tonight. This is just another sign of the commitment our members have to the residents of East & West Brandywine as well as other surrounding communities.