Overturned Vehicle on Creek Road
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 6, 2019

On Saturday July 6th at 2:30pm East Brandywine volunteers were dispatched to 1050 Creek Rd in East Brandywine Township for a vehicle accident reported as one overturned. MICU 87 was also due on the assignment.

Chief, Deputy, Utility, QRS and Engine 49-2 all made the response. While responding crews were advised that police were on scene confirming one overturned and everyone was out of the vehicle. Upon arrival of the 49 units the roadway was closed since the vehicle was blocking the entire roadway.

MICU 87 and QRS 49 evaluated the occupants while members from Engine 49-2 cleaned up the roadway. Flings towing was on scene quickly and was able to remove the vehicle in a short period of time.

Crews were on scene for approximately 30 minutes.