T3 Training: Handline Advancement
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 10, 2019

On Wednesday evening July 10th members gathered for training and on the agenda for this evening was hoseline advancement. Recently the officers decided to change the way our crosslays on Engine 49-2 were packed making them easier for a single person to pull.

Firefighter Greg Pilotti led the training and explained to the members the benefits of having the lines packed this way and how to properly deploy them so that crews could get a hoseline in service quickly, safely and efficiently. Once FF Pilotti was done explaining how this all worked Firefighter Peta demonstrated the proper way of pulling and deploying the lines.

After pulling the lines it was important to then teach everyone how to re-pack them correctly so that the line could be deployed again in the same manner. Once crews got to see the line pulled and packed once they then took turns deploying the lines and re-packing them so they would be familiar with this in case of a fire.