EBFC Volunteers Respond to Two Accidents in Extreme Heat
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 20, 2019

On Saturday July 20th the East Brandywine Volunteers were dispatched to two separate accidents several hours apart. The first accident came in at 12:40pm. Wagontown Fire Company was originally dispatched to Hibernia Rd and Brandywine Dr for the auto accident. Chief 35 arrived and confirmed the accident was actually in Station 49's local. Engine 49-1, Chief 49, Deputy 49 and Rescue 35 all made the response.

On arrival crews had a two vehicle accident head on with one injury and debris and fluids on the roadway. Members from Engine 49-1 and Rescue 35 put oil dry down and cleaned up the debris while also assisting EMS from Ambulance 189. Once the patient was transported Rescue 35 and Engine 49-1 were made available and cleared the scene. Traffic 35, Chief and Deputy 49 remained on scene until Flings was able to remove the vehicles.

Later in the day just after 6pm EBFC Volunteers were again dispatched for an accident this time at E Reeceville & Route 82. Chief 49 arrived and reported a 3 vehicle accident and requested a second ambulance to respond to the scene. No fire apparatus was needed at the scene but traffic needed to be shutdown. QRS and Utility 49 made the response along with Battalion 49. Upon arrival Utility 49 shut traffic down at 82 & Red Oak Dr while QRS shut it down at Cedar Knoll and Red Oak. Battalion 49 took up a position at Reeceville and E Reeceville and closed traffic there. Members from Station 35 also were in the area and closed it down at 82 and Union. Flings Towing again was on scene and removed the vehicles from the scene and the roadway was re-opened.