T3 Training: Saturday Morning "5 minute drill"
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 27, 2019

On Saturday July 27th approx. 10 members gathered at the station to do some training. Our typical training nights are Wednesdays but the members of EBFC are dedicated to learning as much as they can and like to train as much as possible.

For this training the members utilized Engine 49-2 and practiced parts of the "5 minute drill". This drill focuses on the roles and responsibilities of each member responding to the scene as well as the apparatus. Lt. Raymond and FF Greg Pilotti led the training and used our smoke machine to fill the training containers behind the firehouse with "smoke". The crews then arrived on scene and had to deploy an attack line, force entry on our door prop, place ground ladders, advance the hoseline into the building and find the "fire".

These are just a few of the critical responsibilities of the firefighters upon arrival at a fire. The purpose of training like this in the "5 minute drill" is so members will get so used to performing these tasks that they won't even have to think about it when the real life situation occurs.

Thank you to all the members who took time out of their Saturday to come down and train.