Manor Rd & E Reeceville MVA
By East Brandywine Fire Company
August 10, 2019

On Saturday August 10th just after 12:30pm the East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers were dispatched yet again to E Reeceville Rd & Manor Rd in West Brandywine Township for the auto accident with injuries. Also dispatched on the call was Ambulance 144. Initial reports were that the caller only heard the accident and didn't see it and was not sure of any injuries.

Assistant 49, Ambulance 144, Battalion 49 all made the response immediately. Engine 49-1 and Utility 49 made the response also a few minutes later. Police arrived first and reported no injuries but would need the fire department for traffic control and debris on the roadway.

Upon the arrival of the fire company crews split up and some handled cleaning up the roadway while others helped direct traffic around the scene. EMS was also on scene and evaluated the involved parties. In total 4 patients were transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

While crews were standing by waiting for the vehicles to be towed away they noticed that one of the vehicles had been towing a trailer that had a motorcycle on it. The motorcycle had come loose and fell over during the accident. The members were quick to climb into the trailer pick the motorcycle up and strap it back down for the owner. We made sure to Thank her and her son for his service as he is currently service our country in the military.

Once Flings Towing had the vehicles hooked up the company was able to clear the scene and return to service.

Again we remind everyone that this has been a very active location for us to respond to for vehicle accidents lately. Please use caution when in this area and go the speed limit (35 mph) and remember if you are on E Reeceville or Cedar Knoll vehicles traveling on 82 DO NOT have a stop sign.