T3 Training - Vehicle Extrication
By East Brandywine Fire Company
August 28, 2019

On Wednesday evening August 28th 30 volunteers from East Brandywine Fire Company gathered at the station for our weekly drill night. Tonight's drill was led by Captain Sergio Ora and Training Officer Chris Keen and focused on vehicle extrication and how to properly use the tools we carry on our primary piece of apparatus that responds on vehicle accidents Engine 49-1.

To start off the drill Training Officer Keen gathered all the members together and discussed different aspects of vehicle rescues and the importance of being constantly in communication with crews that are on scene and also those that may still be enroute to the scene.

After the discussion crews broke into groups of four and were given their assignments. Two crews worked at a time one on the drivers side and one on the passengers side and had to make sure the vehicle was properly cribbed and had to pop and then remove one of the doors on their side. After all the teams got a chance to do this everyone gathered up again an discussed what went well and what didn't go well and what they could have done differently if anything. This is a valuable tool to be able to instantly critique what was done so that everyone can learn from it regardless if it was something good or not so good.

To finish the night off crews split up again and since we had two vehicles to work on practices further techniques like removing an entire roof, removing doors and flapping the roof of a mini van to gain better patient access.

This was a great training for members that we will continue to expand on. A big thanks to Captain Ora and Training Officer Keen for heading up this training.