Applecross Boot Drive
By East Brandywine Fire Company
September 21, 2019

On Saturday September 21st East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers had a busy day that started with 9 volunteers heading up to Applecross Country Club for our annual boot drive. This event allows us to be engaged with the community as well as raise much needed funds for the fire company.

The morning started with all of the block captains meeting with the fire company members outside of The Orchard building where EMS Captain Greg Kohlmaier addressed the group and went over everything that they needed to do.

Every year Greg takes the lead on this very important day and gets all of the block captains set up and gets their assignments set up for them. This is a lot of work that Greg does on his own time and the event went off without a hitch once again.

During the event one of the block captains returned to the starting point and told the volunteers he had a great story to tell us all. While handling his assigned block he came across a house where two young men, Justin & Dylan were selling lemonade to everyone that was participating in the Applecross Yard Sale event that was also going on at the same time. The boys heard what he was there for and without even skipping a beat they decided to donate all the money they had made selling lemonade to the fire company.

Once the members heard this they instantly jumped up and decided we needed to go thank them personally and get a photo with them and let them see the truck. After a quick drive Engine and Utility 49 arrived at their house and got to see Justin and Dylan and allow them to take a look inside of Engine 49-2. We would like to thank Justin & Dylan again for their generosity and we hoped you enjoyed the visit from the Engine.

This year the event could not have happened again without the help of all the volunteer block captains that helped us out. We would like to personally thank the following:

Don & Dina Anders
George & Barb Sherbak
Shanette Bernard
Christine Czap
Rathi Mani & Family
Linda MacNeal
Baiju Chand & Family
Dennis Delaney
Tim & Sons
John Wright
Chris Weber & Jan Libby
Beth Watts
Denny Baker
Sekhar Muttamparabath

Special assistance from Applecross Staff John Harte, Cindie Bartholomew, Josh Rozzi

And of course we can not forget all of the amazing residents that donated to the fire company. Thank you very much for your continued support of the fire company and our volunteers.