Training with Minquas and Alert Fire Company
By East Brandywine Fire Company
September 21, 2019

On Saturday September 21st while the other members were at Applecross for the boot drive we had several more members attending a training with Minquas and Alert Fire Companies. This training was the practical day for Pump Operators 2 class that was being help by Downingtown Fire Department.

Members traveled to Timber Pass Rd in East Brandywine with Engines 49-5, 46-2 and 45 where they were able to practice drafting from a pond and relay pumping. These are both critical skills that the pump operators need to be familiar with in the case of a fire where we may need to draft water from a pond or other large water source. Relay pumping is also important in the case where the closest hydrant to a fire could be several thousand feet away and require multiple pieces of apparatus to ensure enough water makes it to the scene.

Thank you to Minquas and Alert Fire Companies for hosting this class and allowing our members to partake in it.

Also thank you to Minquas Fire Company for the photos.