Chimney Fire on Hibernia Rd
By East Brandywine Fire Company
October 5, 2019

On Saturday October 5th at 7:46 in the evening Station 35 (Wagontown) and 49 along with Ambulance 144 were dispatched to a residence on Hibernia Rd for a reported chimney fire. Initial reports were of flames from the top of the chimney and everyone had evacuated the residence.

Deputy 49, Ladder 49, Engine 49-2 and 49-5 all responded within minutes of dispatch. Deputy 35 arrived first and initially reported normal conditions with nothing showing. Crews from 35 and 49 arrived and began to investigate. Ladder 49 put the aerial to the roof and sent a crew up to inspect the chimney while members of 35 and 49 went inside to check. Crews did find an active chimney fire with no extension to the residence.

Members on the roof used chimney chains and in coordination with the interior crews dropped the chains down to clear out any burning debris or creosote inside the chimney. While members worked on the roof other members cleared out the fireboxes inside the residence that were in use by using shovels and buckets. Once removed from the house the debris was wet down with water cans to ensure it didn't begin to burn again.

Crews were on scene for approx. 40 minutes before clearing. EBFC responded on this call with a total of 20 members.