Smoke in the Building at Tel Hai Retirement Community
By East Brandywine Fire Company
October 5, 2019

After returning to the station from the Chimney Fire members were busy cleaning the tools and getting items placed back in service when the bells went off again this time for a commercial building fire at Tel Hai Retirement Community in Honey Brook.

Chief, Deputy, Ladder 49 and Engine 49-5 responded immediately as the dispatch was going out followed shortly after by Engine 49-2. Initial reports were of smoke in the building coming from a mechanical room next to the elevators.

Deputy 49 and Chief 49 arrived first and reported nothing showing and the building had been evacuated. Ladder 49 arrived a short time later and took the front of the building and sent a crew inside to begin to investigate. Engine 33-1 and Engine 49-5 arrived next and 33 took the front while 49-5 stood by at the hydrant in case it was needed. It was determined very quickly that there was no fire and the assignment was held to the units on the street at the time. The source of the smoke was determined to be coming from an elevator motor that had burnt up. Once that was secured all units were made available from the scene.

EBFC responded on this emergency with a total of 25 volunteers.