Company Celebrates at Annual Christmas Party
By East Brandywine Fire Company
December 16, 2019

On Sunday evening December 15th, our volunteers and their families celebrated yet another successful year at the annual Christmas Party.

The event was held at Brandywine Manor House, a venue which provided an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere.

The importance of the evening can not be overstated. It helps our team understand how much our leadership values and appreciates their commitment, as well as acknowledge their families who also routinely sacrifice throughout the year.

Noticeably absent this year was our Chief, however for good reason! The day prior he and his wife Steph welcomed twins into the world a month early.

We would like to thank our special guests who attended. Chester County Director of Operations Beau Crowding, Deputy Director of Fire Services BJ Meadocroft, and lastly East Brandywine Police Lieutenant Jeff Yankanich.

Lastly thank-you to the VA Fire Department for providing stand-by coverage during the event.