Accident Closes Busy Roadway in West Brandywine
By East Brandywine Fire Company
December 26, 2019

On Thursday December 26th just before 12:15pm East Brandywine Fire Company along with Ambulance 144 were dispatched to Reeceville Rd & Hurley Rd for the auto accident. Initial reports were of a vehicle into a telephone pole with wires down and arching on the roadway.

Deputy 49 responded and arrived on location and confirmed the report of a work truck into a pole and the pole was snapped in half and hanging over the intersection with a power outage in the area as a result.

Two subjects were still in the vehicle but did not appear to be injured. As members began to arrive on scene the roadway was closed in all directions preventing anyone from attempting to get close to the wires.

Deputy 49, Battalion 49, Engine 49-1, QRS 49, Utility 49 with Traffic Control Trailer all made the response. PECO arrived on scene quickly and began to work on the lines to de-energize them so that the occupants of the vehicle could get out safely. At 13:10hrs PECO advised all the lines were de-energized and the occupants could exit the vehicle. EMS who had already been on scene checked on the subjects and luckily there were no injuries.

Due to the power outage in the area Fire Police from Thorndale and Wagontown were dispatched to 340 and Reeceville to help with traffic control there due to the power outage. Members from EBFC placed barricades and cones at the entrance to the YMCA on Hurley Rd and also at the entrance to Freedom Village and Caln Meetinghouse Rds on Reeceville Rd.

While on location at this incident a second emergency was dispatched in our local for a fire alarm at a residence. Engines 49-2 and Ladder 49 made the response and cleared the scene a short time later with no issues.

The roadway at Reeceville and Hurley at the time of writing this is still closed and expected to remain that way until the early morning hours of 12/27.