Chimney Fire on East Fisherville Rd
By East Brandywine Fire Company
January 19, 2020

On Sunday January 19th just after 6pm, East Brandywine Fire Company along with an ambulance from Minquas Fire Company were dispatched to a residence on East Fisherville Rd in East Brandywine for a reported chimney fire.

Initial reports were that the fire was contained to the fireplace but smoke was beginning to fill up the 1st floor. East Brandywine Police arrived first and reported flames and sparks coming from the top of the chimney with a heavy smoke condition on the second floor of the residence.

Deputy and Assistant 49 arrived next and confirmed this report. Upon the arrival of Engines 49-2 & 49-5 along with Ladder 49 crews went into the residence to begin to investigate while the Ladder crew put the aerial to the roof and began to check on things from above. Crews on the interior used shovels and buckets to remove what was in the fire box. Once that task was done the roof crew began to drop chains down designed to break up any debris that may have been burning in the chimney.

This residence was built back in the 1700's and had a very small chimney and due to this made it hard to clear out all of the debris and be sure it wouldn't catch fire again. Due to that the decision was made to remove the entire fire box so it could be dumped outside. Once that was done crews on the roof were able to look down the chimney and see that everything was completely clear. Interior crews were still getting some high heat readings in the wall on the second floor and opened up the walls around the chimney to make sure no fire had extended into the walls of the structure.

Once everything was deemed to be clear the crews began to clean up and clear the scene. Members were on scene for a little over one hour.