55 Members attend Company Meeting & Training
By East Brandywine Fire Company
February 13, 2020

On Wednesday night February 12th 55 members of EBFC were on station for our company meeting and drill night. To start the night off members gathered for dinner and some conversation and a lot of laughs. After dinner we had our monthly meeting followed by a brief refresher training on our radios used to communicate on emergency scenes.

Members were assigned truck assignments at the beginning of the night and after the radio training members were surprised by three drills that were designed for each truck that was staffed. This was done to help keep members on their toes and expect the unexpected. Fires, accidents and other emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night and members always have to be ready.

Captain Ora who ran the radio training had the crew of Engine 49-1 stand up and dispatched them to the rear of the firehouse for an accident with entrapment. As that crew began to gear up and respond the crew from Engine 49-2 was dispatched to the rear of the building for the report of a fully involved car fire. Ladder 49 was also dispatched to the side of the firehouse for the report of fire on the second floor of a commercial building.

All three trucks responded to their respective incidents and handled themselves extremely well. Engine 49-1’s crew operated multiple hydraulic and battery-operated tools to remove 4 doors and the roof from an SUV and rolled the dash to free the trapped victims.

Engine 49-2’s crew stretched a 1 ¾ handline and put a quick knock on the car fire. To give several people opportunities at working on the handline they didn’t allow the fire to go out right away so members could practice on the nozzle of the line.

Ladder 49’s crew placed the main aerial to the roof of the firehouse and crews worked on operating on the ladder with multiple tools in hand and going to the roof. Other members also practiced placing multiple ground ladders in service.

Once the drill was done and all the equipment was cleaned up and trucks placed back in-service members remained on station until approx. 10:30pm discussing the training and just enjoying the time together and having some more laughs.

To see more photos from tonight’s training please visit our Facebook page.