Working Fire Assist to West Whiteland
By East Brandywine Fire Company
March 1, 2020

On Sunday March 1st at 6:47pm the volunteers from East Brandywine were once again dispatched as part of the working fire dispatch to assist West Whiteland Fire Company at a working house fire in the 200blk of Namar Ave.

West Whiteland Fire Company along with several other assisting companies had been dispatched approx. 10 minutes prior for the reported house fire with fire reported above a wood burning stove. PD arrived first with smoke showing followed by Deputy 6 and Engine 6-1. Crews began to investigate and found that the fire had started in the basement and due to the type of construction the fire was able to quickly spread up into the attic area.

At this time command requested the working fire dispatch and Engine 49-2 with a crew of 6 who were already on station ready to respond if needed went enroute followed shortly after by Ladder 49.

Crews from 49 arrived on scene and split up, one crew was sent to the roof to assist with opening up the roof looking for extension and to also ventilate the residence. As crews were doing this they found that their was a roof on top of another roof and fire was in that void space. As the roof crew was working to open the roof another crew went to the inside and began to open up the ceilings and walls to expose the fire for fire attack.

Once the fire was placed under control crews assisted in overhaul and cleared the scene after approx. 2 hours.

Special Thanks to Anthony Klucznik for some of the photos