Chimney Fire on La Vida Via
By East Brandywine Fire Company
March 21, 2020

On Saturday March 21st at 5:10pm, EBFC members were dispatched to a residence on La Vida Via in East Brandywine Township for the reported chimney fire. Assistant 49 and Deputy 49 made the response first and were told that all occupants were out of the residence already.

Assistant 49 arrived and made contact with the residents and began to investigate. It was found that there was an active chimney fire but that it appeared to be contained to just the chimney at that time.

Engine 49-2, 49-5 and Ladder 49 all made the response within a few seconds of each other. As they went enroute Deputy 49 arrived and took command and advised Engine 49-2 to lay in from the top of the street and to pull past the residence leaving room for Ladder 49. Engine 49-5 was then to pick up the supply line and prepare to supply 49-2 with water if needed.

Crews threw a ground ladder to the roof and went up to check the top of the chimney while another crew went inside to check the fire box. Interior crews had a slight smoke condition but the inside was normal. The crew on the roof was then instructed to drop chains down to clear any blockage that was in the chimney and on fire. Once this was done several times and crews were sure everything was cleared the interior crew cleaned out the fire box and removed all the burning material outside where it was wet down.

At 5:34pm Deputy 49 placed the incident under control and members began to pack up the hoselines and supply line and were clear a short time later.

Due to the coronavirus that is spreading across the United States and other countries so quickly the Officers & Members of EBFC are taking every precaution we can to limit exposure to our members and to the residents we come in contact with. That was evident at the incident tonight as only those absolutely necessary were allowed inside of the residence, and when members began re-packing hoselines they wore gloves to limit any exposures and/or contamination to the equipment. Once the company returned to the station all 4 trucks that were on scene were cleaned on the inside and all tools were cleaned as well that were used. Members are also required to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.