Smoke from Sewer Grates
By East Brandywine Fire Company
April 19, 2020

On Sunday 4/19/20 shortly after noon the company was dispatched to the 100blk of Randolph Dr in Hide-A-Way Farms section of East Brandywine for a smoke investigation outside.

Initial reports from the caller was smoke coming from multiple storm grates. Captain 49 arrived first and confirmed the report. Engine 49-5 made the response and on arrival the crews opened the side discharge and dumped some of the tank water on the sewer grates to extinguish anything that was smoldering inside. Crews dumped water into several storm grates to ensure the problem was resolved.

After confirming no more smoke was coming from the grates the crews were able to clear the scene.

Please use caution and do not throw anything into the sewer grates like cigars, cigarettes, matches or anything else of that nature.