Independence Day Vehicle Fire
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 4, 2020

On July 4th as the day was starting to wrap up and the fireworks were starting to subside in the area the volunteers from EBFC were alerted to a vehicle fire on Melissa Ln in East Brandywine.

Initial reports were of a pickup truck on fire with exposure to other vehicles.

Chief 49 made the response along with Battalion 49, Engine 49-5 and Engine 49-2. Chief 49 arrived first and confirmed a pick up truck had been on fire but was mostly extinguished already by the homeowner.

Crews from 49-5 and 49-2 arrived and removed the bed liner from the truck as well as the materials that were inside it smoldering. All of the items and the bed of the truck were wet down again to confirm it was fully extinguished and crews were clear.

Please use caution if setting off fireworks. When they are done make sure you wet them down as much as possible and put them in a safe place overnight to make sure they cool all the way down. Never place them in a trash bin, vehicle or anything else that can catch fire.