EBFC Training - Vehicle Rescue
By East Brandywine Fire Company
August 6, 2020

For our weekly training this week members gathered behind the firehouse on our training pad to train on vehicle extrication. Specifically using our extrication equipment that is on Ladder 49. Engine 49-1 is our primary rescue truck however in the case it is unavailable or extra equipment is needed the Ladder has been fully equipped with extrication equipment as well.

For tonight's drill the members were simulating a vehicle accident with entrapment where the vehicle was overturned and on it's roof. The company recently put into service Res-Q-Jack GreenLite X-struts that were used to perform a rear vehicle lift. Once the lift was completed the crew used our battery powered Holmatro Evo 14" combi tool, Holmatro EVO incline O-cutter and Holmatro Evo Standard O-cutter to remove the roof of the vehicle to gain access to the patient. After the roof was removed the crews performed an inverted dash roll.

The members attending this training did a fantastic job with what would be considered a very difficult and time consuming extrication.

Also not to be left out we had several members that are newer to the station and have not been through rescue training yet. However their rolls on incidents like these can still be very important. While the senior firefighters were training these newer members were working on a different vehicle and learning proper stabilization techniques for vehicle rescues. A vital part extrication efforts and one of the first things that needs to be done before crews can begin to cut.