RIT Response to Working Fire in West Bradford
By East Brandywine Fire Company
October 3, 2020

On Saturday afternoon 10/3/2020 at 4:10pm Companies 39 (West Bradford), 38 (Thorndale), 37 (Modena) for 2 Engines and Ambulance, Tower 45 (Alert), Tanker 36 (Po-Mar-Lin) and 49 for RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) were dispatched to the 1500blk of Hillcrest in West Bradford for the reported house fire.

Initial reports to Chief 39 were that the roof was on fire and it was unknown if anyone was home but the caller believed three dogs were still in the house. Chief 39 arrived first and confirmed he had smoke showing from the roof and had three dogs still in the house.

Engine 38 arrived next and stretched an 1 3/4 handline to the front door and forced entry into the residence. As they were making entry crews from 39, 37 and 36 arrived on scene and began to assist with interior operations and stretched two more handlines. Tower 45 arrived and placed their aerial to the roof. Crews were able to remove all three dogs from the residence unharmed.

Ladder 49, Rescue 49, Utility 49, QRS 49, Chief 49 and Assistant 49 all made the response from EBFC with a total of 20 members. Upon the arrival of the crews from 49 they began to throw ground ladders around all sides of the residence while the officers on the trucks did a 360 of the house to see what the layout was in case the RIT was activated. Once that was done crews from the RIT stood by on the A/D corner of the house in case they were needed.

RIT or Rapid Intervention Team is a team of firefighters dedicated solely to the search and rescue of other firefighters in distress. They have no other assignments during the fire and are ready to be activated at all times. The team carries a variety of different equipment to assist them in a rescue if needed. Luckily the first in crews at this fire did a great job and had the fire knocked quickly and safely and everyone was able to leave unharmed.

Once the fire was placed under control crews began to clean up equipment. The members of EBFC also assisted Station 36 with re-packing their 5 inch supply line onto Engine 36. The closest hydrant to the scene was approx. 1500ft away.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the homeowners