Three Vehicle Accident with Fire
By East Brandywine Fire Company
October 14, 2020

On Wednesday night October 14th shortly after crews had just finished training on vehicle fires the volunteers were dispatched to Route 82 & E. Reeceville Rd for the motor vehicle accident. Initial reports were of a 3 vehicle accident blocking with unknown injuries.

Chief 49 & Batallion 49 made the response immediately after dispatch and were notified right away that the call was being upgraded to a vehicle accident now involving fire.

Batallion 49 arrived first and confirmed he had a three-vehicle accident blocking with one of those vehicles on fire. Less than two minutes later Chief 49 arrived and now reported a second vehicle involved in fire as well and spreading to the third.

Rescue 49 & Engine 49-5 made the response and on arrival, crews stretched two 1 3/4 handlines and began to extinguish the fire. While fire crews worked on the fire, EMS from MICU144 was on scene to evaluate all of the parties involved.

Not only did fire crews have to battle three vehicles fully involved in fire but they also had to deal with a large amount of fluids on the roadway and one of the vehicles had ammo inside of it that began to explode as well. Luckily despite all of this, the crews were able to get the fire under control quickly.

QRS 49 and Utility 49 also made the response and assisted with closing the roads around the incident.

Flings towing was on the scene as well with 3 trucks and also had their trailer on-site to help with a large amount of fluids on the roadway.

Crews were on scene for just under two hours. Luckily there were no major injuries in this accident.