Assist to Modena at Large Scrap Pile Fire
By East Brandywine Fire Company
October 18, 2020

On Sunday afternoon 10/18/20 at 1:20 pm, the Modena Fire Company was alerted to a possible trash fire in the 1000blk of S First Ave in South Coatesville. The original caller stated a large pile of something was burning with flames approx. 6 to 10 feet high.

Crews from 37 arrived and confirmed the incident was at the Coatesville Scrap Iron Co. and that they had a large pile of scrap on fire. At 1:58 pm Engine 49-2 was requested to the scene to assist with manpower. Shortly after that Engine 49-5 was also added to the call as part of the 1st alarm tanker task force due to the hydrant at the scene losing all water pressure.

Upon the arrival of Engine 49-2, the crew of 6 split up with 5 firefighters going to the pile to assist with fire suppression efforts while the Driver of the Engine was sent to the Training Center up the street to set up a fill site for the Tankers that were on scene.

Multiple handlines and master streams were placed into service to try to extinguish the large pile. Workers from the Scrap Iron Co. were also on scene with heavy equipment helping to move the pile so that crews could get to the seat of the fire.

Engine 49-5 arrived and began to assist with shuttling water to the scene. Crews from 49-2 and 49-5 were on scene for just under 5 hours