Assist to Downingtown on Hazardous Materials Incident
By East Brandywine Fire Company
June 22, 2021

Around 4:30 am on 6/22/2021 the Downingtown Fire Company was alerted to the possible Hazmat Incident at the Downingtown Sewer Plant on 322 in East Caln. Initial reports were of chlorine leaking from a tank inside of the chlorine building and that everyone had evacuated.

Crews from Downingtown and the Chester County HazMat Team arrived and confirmed there was an active leak from one of the tanks. Since this was going to be an extended operation command requested that East Brandywine Fire Company and West Whiteland Fire Companies covered the Downingtown local for any further incidents from their stations.

A crew from EBFC was on station from 5:15 am until approx. 7 am when Command requested Engine 49-5 to respond to the scene of the HazMat to supply the scene with water.

Upon arrival, the crew from 49-5 supplied Engine 46-2 with water while they began Decon of the members that needed it. Engine 49-5 was on scene for approx. 1 hour before being released from the scene.

Members from Downingtown were on scene for approx. 6 hours