Auto Accident with Entrapment in West Brandywine
By East Brandywine Fire Company
June 29, 2021

On Tuesday afternoon 6/29/2021 at 12:45 pm the East Brandywine Fire Company along with MICU 244 were dispatched to 82 and Lenape Way in West Brandywine for an auto accident reported with entrapment. Initial reports were of a two or three-vehicle accident with at least one person still trapped in their vehicle.

Chief 49, Deputy 49, Rescue 49, Ladder 49, QRS 49, and Utility 49 made the response with a total of 12 personnel. MICU 244 arrived first and confirmed they had one subject trapped and that two vehicles were involved. Rescue 49 arrived next and went right to work with our Holmatro Rescue Tools and began to remove the driver-side door. After a few minutes, both doors on the driver-side had been removed including the "B" post that separates the front and back doors. Crews then began making cuts to remove the entire roof to gain better access to the patient. Once the roof was off the crews had to make a few more cuts to free the subjects legs and extrication was completed in approx. 25 minutes.

Once the patient was free and removed they were turned over to EMS and transported to a local trauma center. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured. While crews were operating on the scene Wagontown Fire Police had the roadway shutdown at 322/82 while PD had it shutdown on the other side. West Brandywine Township arrived and placed barricades and road closed signs as well.

The roadway remained closed for the police investigation until approx. 5:40 pm.