Large Debris Pile in West Bradford
By East Brandywine Fire Company
February 11, 2022

On Friday night February 11th at 21:58hrs East Brandywine Fire Company along with multiple other companies were dispatched to assist the West Bradford Fire Company with a large debris pile that caught fire on the Highland Orchards property.

Units from West Bradford arrived on location with a heavy timber and waste pile that was approx. 30ft high, 200ft long and 100ft wide with fire throughout the pile.

Engine 49-5 made the response and upon arrival assisted Engine 39-3's crew set up three port-a-tanks for a drafting operation. 49-5 then shuttled water from one of two fills sites with numerous other tankers throughout the night while the remainder of the crew along with 39 and 52 kept the drafting site in operation.

Crews were on scene for approx. 8 hours. In the early morning hours it was decided to allow the pile to free burn and crews began to clear the scene.

7 members from EBFC responded and were on scene all night.