Probationary Firefighters Learn About Forcible Entry
By East Brandywine Fire Company
August 20, 2022

On Saturday August 20th our probationary fire firefighter training series continued focusing on forcible entry.
This training has proven invaluable to the Companies success with recruitment and retention.
The training series is run by our veteran firefighters and allows for our less experienced firefighters to get focused attention. This also allows an opportunity for our Junior Firefighters (14 years old to 18 years old) to develop communication skills.

Special thanks to today’s instructors;
FF Morgan Meeks
FF Eric Lowery
FF/ EMT Dane Edwards
Members attending today were:
FF Ben Reagan
FF Cory Wandling
FF Ethan Simmers
FF Andrew Colon
FF Kalyn Nuse
FF Shawn Schneider
Visitor Xavier Sinowitz