Training - Strengthening Skills with West Whiteland Fire Company!
By East Brandywine Fire Company
March 4, 2024

Last night, our members at East Brandywine Fire Company had the incredible opportunity to enhance their expertise through collaborative training with the West Whiteland Fire Company!

Chief 6 and the crew from West Whiteland generously shared their acquired structure for an intensive session on roof operations. Both East Brandywine and Lionville Fire Company were invited to join.

14 members from EBFC participated, honing their ventilation skills. Venting the roof plays a crucial role in firefighting strategies, allowing the release of gases and smoke to enhance visibility for interior teams. This, in turn, increases the chances of survival for potential victims.

"Venting the roof" serves multiple purposes, including improving interior conditions, checking fire progression, and ultimately ensuring a safer and more effective firefighting operation.

House fires demand precision and expertise. Ventilation tasks, like roof operations, are regularly assigned to our members at EBFC. We believe in continuous learning and practice to better serve and protect our community.

A huge thank you to West Whiteland Fire Company for the invite! Together, we strive for excellence in serving and safeguarding our communities.