T3 Training - Training Facility Makes Huge Strides Foward
By East Brandywine Fire Company
July 13, 2015

On Sunday July 12th, East Brandywine Fire Company volunteers with the help of committed Community partners took another huge stride forward with completing their training facility.

After being delivered from Crist Containers earlier in the week, Flings Towing spent almost half a day helping place our 20' and 40' shipping containers. Chief Edwards said "I cannot thank Daryl and Daniel Fling as well as Eddie Ranck enough for their hard work". Edwards added "by donating their time and talent they saved us an incredible amount of money".

As evidenced by the pictures Flings Towing has state of the art equipment that allowed this project to be completed.

According to Training Officer Chris Keen "this is a dream come true, over the next few weeks we will be designing and building out the exterior and interior of the containers to help advance our training initiatives". "There is a lot of work yet to be done, however this is a big step forward".

Assistant Chief Vince D'Amico added "our goal is to create a facility that will allow not only our members to advance their skills but also allow our neighbors to have a place to train too".

Please check back as we will be routinely updating you on our progress.

The Officers and Members of the East Brandywine Fire Company would like to thank the following people and businesses for their help and support!

Crist Containers (Gus Crist)
Fling Towing (Daryl and Daniel Fling, Eddie Ranck)
Highland Orchards
East Brandywine Township - Manager Scott Piersol